Cybersecurity Services

As the world becomes increasingly dependent upon technology to navigate the day-to-day, the risks become greater. Outside forces seek to destabilize, and therefore gain control over, cyberspace. Through these attacks the goals of our society become compromised. Never before has protecting the security of information technology been more important to National Security, and the security of our citizens.

Helm Point Solutions Cybersecurity Team are not only at the forefront of budding technologies, but are identifying, monitoring,  and protecting against network intrusions and threats. Our experienced professionals are providing infrastructure solutions to the Intelligence Community that create impenetrable barriers to outside forces accessing and compromising our nations most prized information. Allowing the continuity of operations in accordance with DoD Security measures, bringing leadership, innovation, and foresight to the playing field is what our team is known for, and as we add members to our team we strengthen that every day.

Read further to discover some of the solutions we offer, and opportunities we have available for those looking to be a part of this team.

The Helm Point Solutions team currently provides engineering services including software development and technical leadership for the next generation of cryptographic key management.  As such, our team understands the migration of keying mechanisms from legacy symmetric systems to asymmetric (public/private key pair) concepts including certificate authorities (CA) and trust anchors (TA). Our leadership works directly and with great success in this sector and these successes have allowed us to have access to opportunities for growth that place us in unique opportunities which add value to and from our team.

Ever been told not to touch it because you’ll break it? Breaking it is what we do. We work with the brightest minds in government and commercial security research. Mobile technology, SCADA, IoT, the work we perform identifies how systems fail, how they can be made to fail, and how to prevent, or fortify against these failures. Reaction time is key, and the Helm Point Team has been instrumental in mission success that has given us the opportunity to be on the front lines of this evolving and integral cyber security sector.

We perform both quick-release prototyping efforts as well as sustained full lifecycle development. Running the gamut between low level driver and kernel development to full-blown web platforms. Agilists, in every sense of the word, we deliver results that work harmoniously while transformation is occurring. Most of our projects are written in C, C++, Python, Java and JavaScript. Innovative, understanding of the need for continuity while innovation occurs, and always about the work to increase their skills make our team successful and a valued asset.

Helm Point Solutions offers security policy creation and enforcement work.  The Information Assurance Team understand, enforce, and maintain security policies such as DCID 6/3, NISCAP, NIST SP 800-53, and ICD 503 outlining the Risk Management Framework (RMF).  Our activities in this important field include performing Nessus security scans, developing and maintaining Department of Security Services (DSS) facility and network accreditation, and performing audits on behalf of the government for all government network-connected assets.